Friday, July 22, 2011

Sanders: GOP plan is 'totally absurd'

Sen. Bernie Sanders says the Republican budget plan would "savagely cut back" on programs for the middle class and poor.

he is right
first, lets default
"after" the default we see where wall street goes
and "maybe" they "may" get more reasonable on taxation
when they need an "impossible" rescue
otherwise the remedy would be simple
50% taxation over 100K income "for all" churches included
or no deal,
go ahead now, lets default
curious to see Moody's US bonds rating when the DOW hits 1 thousand
maybe the puppet masters banksters "have a plan"
like to wait for somebody to print greenbacks again
and then get him shot like Lincoln and Kennedy
the holy ways of the godly-kristo-mafio-nazi-bolshevic wall street banking are unknown
guess their holy skim is an offer that can not be refused


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