Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quel che serve davvero al Paese: riorientare la politica economica

Il nuovo fronte avrebbe potuto essere la Spagna. I problemi che essa presenta non sono certo inferiori a quelli dell'Italia. Se per ora il target è stato l'Italia - un target che, per dimensione e anzianità di appartenenza all'Ue, rappresenta un test più severo sulla capacità di resistenza del nucleo centrale dell'eurozona - lo si deve probabilmente alle crescenti fibrillazioni nella maggioranza che fa capo al presidente del Consiglio Silvio Berlusconi.

it is wall street "plan" "testing" the waters
before the final shot to take down the euro-zone
the euro is in a position to become an alternative to the monopoly of the dollar
and wall street will make a third world war before that happens
but before that
there is the possibility that their economy could go down first
so they are bankrupting everybody that has any debt
with fraud and puppet government connivance
calling back cut throat debt that everybody was under the illusion could be paid
but is defaulting because
at the same time they are cutting off the income of their victims
if that does not work, the last resort is murder
and cashing the policies of the victims they bought in favor of themselves
they are using in international politics
the same methods they are using in their regime
against their citizens, the victims
attention to the churches, they are all part of this "plan"
they work for wall street or vice-versa
as the grandson of Hitler banker told you
"this is a nation under god"
and as they said in the show
god always needs your money
the US is headed to became a usury slavery theocracy
something like Iran, but with bankers ayatollahs
and the majority of population consumed into voluntarism holy slavery
"it is" a "holy war"
and religions around the world are their troyan horses
"any religion", all on wall street payroll
a "fifth column" on planetary scale
manipulated to sabotage their hosts governments and countries


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