Monday, July 04, 2011

Quando si fa (squallida) politica sulla pelle dei caduti in Afghanistan

Concetti che sono perfettamente in grado di giustificare il sostegno che l’Occidente ha sempre garantito a quei tiranni arabi, almeno fino a che ciò è risultato sostenibile dal punto di vista dei diritti umani fondamentali.
Allora, stando al ragionamento che viene fatto con seccante puntualità, il nostro paese dovrebbe ritirarsi da tutte le missioni internazionali. In sostanza, “dimettersi” dal club dell’Occidente e dalla politica internazionale. Una determinazione alla quale non giunge neanche un paese come El Salvador che, nel suo piccolo, anzi piccolissimo, dà il suo contributo alle decisioni delle Nazioni unite.

Sarebbe meglio, quindi, che i “contrari” si sforzassero maggiormente di partecipare alla definizione della politica estera italiana, anche dall’opposizione, come avviene in tutti i paesi occidentali degni di nota. Tutto il resto rientra nella ricerca di ricavi politici di politica interna. Il che non è legittimo quando fatto sulla pelle di giovani militari.

the tyrant case is not a real case
because the tyrant affected are just the ones
where there is some sort of economic and politic convenience
as an example the holy oily regime under god
apparently had something to do with taking down the shah in Iran
possibly they may have got a discount on oil prices
just as they did dealing with the Bolshevist and financing the end of the czars
if the case it was for tyrants, NATO would also be
in Myanmar, Syria, Palestine, Iran, Rwanda and Tibet,
but reality is that those places are neither big producers of drugs, nor oil
or if they are, like Iran, they are in the pockets of the big finance
now it may seem more obscure of why Egypt and Tunisia have gone down
to favor the extremist Muslim brotherhood
and there may remain a suspect
that the holy oily puppet-masters have some sort of "plan"
"or" that the godly pious puppet-masters asked for their heads
just as it happened in the holy Vietnam war
so the ones are hoping to convert more souls, the others
to sell more junk and create more debt
"and" what seems even more interesting is the case of Libya
where Europe is spending money to destroy its own investments
in the hope to be able to settle with the new owners
similar deals than with the previous ones
while it is now emerging that the Muslim brotherhood is in relevant presence
in the rebel forces
"and" at a certain point as in Iran, it could happen
that the holy oily puppet-masters may be willing to "let" the brotherhood take over
in order to obtain better oily negotiating position
and "most of all" take the oil from the European "competition"
and get a commission in the middle
for the godly oily holy glory of wall street
and its 5000 churches with 3000 living prophets
what do you want to do, when you are a nation under god,
they are all with you milking the godly cow
now what anybody is doing in Afghanistan is very well unknown
the "explanations" related to 9/11 turned out to be all wrong "and" false
and the more reliable information easy to read on the press from many sources
is that Afghanistan is the number one world producer of opium
and wall street has to protect its holy business interest of a trillion a year
of holy drug recycling money, rigorously under god
now what Europeans are doing in Afghanistan is also an holy mystery
however if you ask your, rigorously holy, bankers
they may know more about it
there are not fixed amounts figures of what is the amount of drug money
European banks recycle and launder
but one of this day it may miraculously appear on the internet
and that will give to all a very reasonable answer
lets say that the connivance system
pays for the drug distribution of Europe
with the tobacco purchased in the US
and that closes the ring, all bankers get cash in their accounts
now what is the percentage of the trillion a year
handled by holy banks of europe, we don't know exactly
and here we get to the "foreign policy"
NATO was designed as a "defense" alliance
not as an "occupational" force
the command position of the US Government
"corrupted" by the holy bankers for their "personal" interest
has created the "largest in history" loss of reputation for NATO
"and" for all the US allies
so to make a long story short
the European international politics should look at option of exiting NATO
and it is superfluous to notice that such doubts
were already present at De Gaulle times
back then were doubts, now they are certainties


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