Saturday, July 02, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton called “parasites” by Canadian politician

He added, "A nation worthy of the 21st Century has no need for a monarchy or people with a bloodline."

well, there are a lot of things a nation worth of the 21st Century has no need for
and monarchies are some of the least expensive systems of managing a country
a lot changed in history
they figured out on their skin that genetic bloodlines
would have taken them to pathological destruction
nothing new, the original roman empire
did not have bloodlines as intended in middle age times
until the appearance of the christian conspiracy
so while bloodline monarchy concept is in decline
an empire model similar to ancient Rome, promiscuous, frugal and honestly rural
is still an unmatched model in modern times to look forward to
now going to parasites
it seems that the first parasites in the planet are now the ones
that can create from nothing money in their accounts
and charge usury interest for money that does not exist
and is only backed by thin air as security
the second running for title of parasites
are the churches multinationals
selling in pharmaceutical terms
healing remedies with no proven effects
at over-inflated and tax exempt social costs
and in the process becoming also symbols
of unlimited arrogance, corruption
connivance with common criminality and disgusting moral standards
the third category of parasites,
produced by the increased power of the former two
is a category of politicians that purchase their electoral base
bribed by the money of the former two
and that category of politicians, not all, but the ones meeting the description
are to be considered on the same level of churches and banks racketeers
so before getting to this two kids
caught in a game bigger than them
Canada should really look at the issue of parasitism
with objective eyes
considering also that the wall street multinationals
of "parasites" kristo-mafio bankers
are the ones that at this time
are trying to take down the Canadian health and medical system
to make it a miserable eugenic "weed and seed" program
and an open organ trafficking market like it is in the US

on the other hands when you deal with money changers
that have a trillion a year profit in the drug money laundering business
and godly organizations
involved in recycling money for the international crime
in their godly banks
it seems quite easy to determine who objectively the parasites are



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