Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Patrimonio d'Italia" il marchio che difende i "tesori" del Paese

trova nel marchio "la speranza in un futuro diverso"

well, the reunification was successful in making Italy
but was a failure on making the Italian
a good size of the country could have prospered with tourism
if the middle age holy cast was somewhere else

as it stand the idea is a patch to get by for a bit longer
good for the time left, but of dubious long term stability
in 1943 tourism was not one of the hottest activities in central Europe
unless you consider concentration camps tourism
the real problem of tourism as everything else in Italy
is the discouraging cost of a useless middle age holy bureaucratization
of every insignificant detail
for the glory of the holy cast

on the other ends, in about 100 years
by the end of the oil economy
the future asset of the republic
is possibly to become formally again the holy state of the pope king
supposed the hordes of the modern barbarians
don't come in cleansing this farce first

looking at it from this angle
a holy coup of the holy black nobility
and its holy secret societies
seems the most probable outcome
marking the end of the limited sovereignty republic


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