Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Noi, improvvisamente poveri con 1000 euro al mese"

Precari, con figli a carico, costretti a tornare nella casa dei genitori. È la situazione di tanti italiani che sono passati dalla serenità alla miseria. Costretti a sopravvivere con meno di 1000 euro al mese

well, what is done is done
the part hard to understand is
in "why" in the US as in Europe
the "cast" of the people who's "rights are not negotiable"
refuses acknowledging there is a problem
and keep lying on the real situation to the planet
violence is always a bad solution
but the french revolution should have taught these parasites
that at some point something "has to" happen
it will come the times of the heads rolling
is not any longer a question of "if" but just of "when"
now, the situation is now also not so bad because people can still eat
the average person brainwashed by churches and televisions
can not understand how bad the situation could be "and will be soon"
all it takes is 30 days of an oil crisis to collapse the head of the world
and after that in a few weeks or months, civil war and cannibalism
so thank your luck and your age
you people still have a mother that can feed you
still have a house and don't have to sleep in the streets
still have people that know you
still have your own environment around you
because it is coming an age where those "discounted" things
are not discounted any longer
the western system is in "self consumption"
cannibalism for now is only in figurative sense at government and social level
but soon, when we hit the bottom of the barrel (pretty good expression)
is going to be chaos
cannibalism will emerge
people will be hunting people in the streets to barbecue
the good news is that priests, bankers and politicians are tender beef
they don't like to work
so, regardless how bad the food supply is hit
there will be food, as long as you chase it, kill it and grill it
talking with a university guy in neighbor Canada
who is considered a celebrity in food and agricultural matters
it seems that 100 millions
is the "entire" "sustainable" population level "of the planet"
after a world level crash of green agriculture
we are about 8 "billions"
do your math, and when you start seeing around you
the first people dying of starvation
chose if you have rather kill yourself
or remember the ones who don't want population control
and the ones who's "rights are not negotiable"
then, if you chose to live
grab one of them "first", cook him, and feed your friends and family


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