Friday, July 08, 2011

L'arca del cibo
Per nutrire la popolazione in crescita bisognerà raddoppiare la produzione alimentare. Ma il rendimento dei raccolti non aumenta altrettanto in fretta, e la già limitata varietà di colture da cui dipendiamo è minacciata da cambiamenti climatici e nuove malattie. Ecco come si cerca di preservare le specie che potrebbero sfamarci in futuro.

it is impossible at the current situation
but if wall street eventually gets hit by an asteroid
and miraculously the whole world converts to perma-cultures
and all the churches get instantly incinerated by lightnings
and miraculously people stop procreating irresponsibly
and government impose sterilization "for all"
and procreation in tube
then, "maybe", there "may" be a way not to starve
"half" the food produced is due to green agriculture
the soil has been exploited so bad over the centuries
green agriculture was the "solution" to the problem
but green agriculture needs "oil" that is not available any longer
to produce low cost fertilizers
"famine" and "global scale deaths" will be the result of post peak oil
the article is pure propaganda around the problem
with "solutions" that solve very little
it does not address the real situation
the "competent" and "certified" as usual
blah blah blah
but is understandable in the US regime
that journalists can not talk of issues that affect the interests of the godly thugs
and have to publicize their puppet-masters agenda

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