Wednesday, July 20, 2011

La sfida capitale della politica

questo è quanto accadde nel secondo dopoguerra, quando una classe dirigente che non era composta da professionisti della politica, ma da esponenti di altissima qualità di tutti i settori della vita associativa, riuscì a restituire all'Italia un futuro di speranza e di crescita economica e civile

that is really the point, there should be no such thing as "professional politics"
maximum of two legislation in the entire life time, "non consecutive"
and politics with professional "real life" credentials
instead than "professional politics"
that would not however be enough if we don't also consider population
the reason of the economic miracle were two:
-half population
-cheap oil
there is no political solution to population number exceeding carrying capacity
there is no political solution to available food production exceeding carrying capacity
unless we consider "holy wars" as a solution
instead, "there is a logistic problem"
and the ones that cite fantasies in the sky to solicit suicidal economics
can believe in whatever they want, on their own
could also hire whoever they want in their holy missions, "as long as they pay taxes"
"but" they should not have "any" access to "public decision making"
whoever should be admitted to public decision making
should solemnly swear
that he will pursue the interests of his country before any other
personal and "godly" included
"and" be held accountable
there were plenty of believers in the most desperate creeds in the country history
that never compromised their integrity
no "conflict of interest" is one of the key factors
another could be "representation" by economic sectors
which could be solved by "quotes"
it is probably "not" a good sign
when politics are a monopoly of two or three mayor "professional orders"
and most of the categories who float the bill are "not" represented


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