Wednesday, July 13, 2011

La Lega: "Il crocifisso alla Camera"

Un gruppo di deputati del partito di Bossi l'ha chiesto a Fini. No delle opposizioni. Di Pietro: «Montecitorio è il cuore della laicità dello Stato»

Deng, the money of the bankers of god
buys a lot of politics
make sure they also say a prayer before and after each meeting
crucifixes are symbols of genocides, crusades racial hatred and intolerance
they are an insult to the victims of the kristian churches racket
and imposing them to others
is the sign that the Vatican with his forgiven criminals sinners
will be again as in the case of the Jew and Eustachian genocide
"architects" of crimes against humanity
as they have always been for two thousand years, indeed


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