Tuesday, July 26, 2011


solo due tipi di catastrofi che hanno, allo stesso tempo, la possibilità di "spazzare via" quasi all'improvviso la maggior parte del genere umano e che hanno una probabilità non trascurabile di verificarsi in qualsiasi momento: si tratta di una pandemia altamente letale dovuta a un virus naturale o modificato in laboratorio dall'uomo, oppure una guerra termonucleare globale

would say more than two, also possible:
-milankovitch cycle inversion, is due
-super volcanoes, last tioba, now activity in north island
-hyper tsunamis, we have not seen one, but one is "enough"
all three may be related with earth cycles
of the above in the article, are relevant
nuclear war and GM foods genocides, indeed most highly probable
lethal pandemics guaranteed, the problem is unsolvable at this stage
(see Fenner, predictions are discussed at this time)
collapse of the world economic system is guaranteed also, just a matter of time
finally "peak population" and earth maximum food carrying capacity
is the real "final solution objective" of the current establishment
this is pretty much the only "real" short term problem
everything else could be deferred to address later issues
such as lethal pandemics, alternative energy and incoming ice age

however population exceeding earth carrying capacity "can not" be solved
unless the monetary aristocracy of the earth is wiped out on time
and replaced by a logistic technocracy
and forced sterilization is imposed planet wise
as it stands it "will have to be" for the earth as was for the Easter island
the ones who speak of "not negotiable" the historical causes of "food genocides"

so here an intuition of the picture and sequence of events:
-world economy crash
-escalation of oil wars on terror :)
-[start of food genocide]
-GM plausible denial
-famine and hordes invasions
-civil wars and cannibalism
-loss of control of medical agents and pathology
-[start of pathogens and chemicals genocide]
-BCW plausible denial
-[start of nuclear warfare and nuclear genocide]
-NW plausible denial
-world wars or hot politics, nuclear ramifications
-more transcontinental hordes invasions
-more civil wars and cannibalism
intentionally omitted what already happened
key word "plausible denial"


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