Friday, July 29, 2011

Il futurista in edicola: La politica è altrove

partiti divenuti ormai organismi autoreferenziali di stampo medievale, staccati dalla società, mentre la polis rinasce tra i cittadini, con i movimenti, le associazioni, i comitati
lo “scandalo della mitezza”, antidoto a una politica urlata seguendo le orme di Bobbio, Pasolini e Spinoza

seems nice from the description
we hope that it does not look like the similar phenomena in the US
that smells of parsonage and has as only objective
the usual supremacy of the godly bully-ism of the usual holy skim racket
well, Bobbio and Pasolini, even if writers of a certain thickness
don't come even close to the genius of Spinoza
sounds amazing the parallel
400 years later looks like religions still fear Spinoza ghost
and are scared as hell by Spinoza theories
probably because they had to revise so much in their fantasy stories
pretty much every other day for centuries
while Spinoza vision is so simple and so "modern"
and has not even reached the masses, "yet"


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