Sunday, July 24, 2011

Il 60% degli italiani teme la crisi ma i Tg insistono sulla criminalità

I dati contenuti nel nuovo rapporto dell'Osservatorio Europeo sulla Sicurezza: la media continentale delle notizie di "nera" è del 28%, quella del nostro Paese è molto più alta. Si arriva a punte del 91,7% (Studio aperto tra il 23 aprile e il 13 maggio)
Un dato su tutti: nei primi mesi del 2011, mentre scoppiavano le rivolte arabe, esplodeva la guerra in Libia e in Giappone il terremoto e lo tsunami colpivano una centrale nucleare, il Tg1 dedicava il 41% di tutte le notizie cosiddette "ansiogene" (che cioè hanno in qualche modo a che fare con la sicurezza) alla criminalità comune. Contro una media del 28% in Europa (ma solo il 5% della tedesca Ard). Dati ancora più clamorosi se si prende in esame il periodo 23 aprile-13 maggio di quest'anno: nell'agenda televisiva delle insicurezze Studio aperto primeggiava con ben il 91,7% delle notizie dedicate alla criminalità; ma anche telegiornali più "generalisti" come il Tg5 (65,7%) e Tg1 (57,4%) si concentravano sulla "nera".

nothing unknown
is "entertaining disinformation"
media brainwash
there used to be the oracles, then come the religions
now is time of the media and the television
always history of deception and unsupported exaggerated claims
it is needed since the times of the Sumerian to provide a prepackaged mental process
so that the simpleton sets aside his brain and thinks like the pack
is needed since the dawns of history to justify the filth of a useless cast of parasites
and to indoctrinate the simpleton to the "inevitable" holy war
is needed by the clientèle for those so lucrative costs of "pseudo security"
on a market system of toxic brains who are the world experts
of privatization of profits and socialization of losses
there are some breaks in history, like the French revolution
but most of the times the cannon meat goes to die in useless opium wars
so the finance cartel of holy crime recycling money changers under a fantasy man in the skies
can keep "corrupting" the world
with their international money laundering drugs and human organs traffic holy business
so to make a long story short
before the simpleton finds out that the cast has robbed blind and bankrupted the country
the holy pigs need another "man of the providence" and another police state
thus the need of brainwashing people over their "safety" from a couple of lunatics
of the safety of their retirements money, obviously they don't talk
of the safety of their health, obviously they don't talk
of the safety of the planet food supplies, obviously they don't talk
of the safety of people cold with no heating, obviously they don't talk
better "distract" the simpleton with bloody "circenses"
otherwise somebody could "remember" that the cast has preached for a century in favor of "unlimited reproduction"
obviously you need "unlimited reproduction" when you are the master of the cannon fodder
and the cannon fodder will produce more income for the cast
when sent to the Russian winter with cardboard shoes
then now we want to censor the INTERNET
before the large part of the population
may find out his church has been running physical rat line
to hide away "good Christians" war criminals
and has been running banking rat line
to recycle Nazi gold an bonds
and has has committed "in first person" even a genocide that all "forgot"
then now we want to censor the INTERNET
before the large part of the population
may find out "the exact money" the cast has piled up
sucking the tits of the republic at limited sovereignty under the king with the white skirt
and even worse
then now we want to censor the INTERNET
because the cast is afraid of what is going to happen
when the simpleton will discover that his species is planned for extinction
it may take a while to believe
"oh, all those nice godly people, those 'prestigious' 'educated' 'rich' 'holy' people"
"all part of this ?"
they won't believe it for a while
but pray to be already dead for the day they will understand


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