Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hacker, non solo Anonymous "Cybercrimine sottovalutato"
La Polizia delle comunicazioni fa il punto sulla lotta all'illegalità digitale: parallelamente alle azioni dimostrative degli "hacktvist", cresce la minaccia delle organizzazioni criminali

Il problema viene riconosciuto, ma poi non viene affrontato

the problem is an inconvenient truth
if politics dictates where and what to buy
if the industry compiles the RFP for the public buyer
if the government can not create its own software and hardware
because the politician has to determine where the moneys are spent
and/or because the internal politics have to determine who to finance
you get the current governments, the current IT industry
and the current problems that will take down both
the government on a "private" optical backbone "not connected to internet"
would not have this problem
but then we touch "consolidated" interests
there will be a revolution because people can not read newspapers
the government on time share systems
would not have this problem
but then we would have the problem that the cast
would not be able to squeeze mices and click on broken windows
there will be a revolution because people have to "learn" something
beyond clicking a mouse on an icon
and it is known that the pharaohs of the public cast
would never reach such a level of humility, "learning ?"
god, they already know everything, by dogma
so keep buying broken windows,
in order to eliminate "evident" shadows of doubt of competence
and write off the losses
and set aside your budget to pay for times when a whole country will sue you
and that time is not too far
internet as it is needs nothing
just needs morons who are dealing
with national security and critical infrastructure
to stay out of there
and companies that are dealing with money
to conduct transactions somewhere else
but the industry, the politician, the banker and the priest
care less about security
all they care is censorship
in a way preventing their faulty technology, their financial frauds
and their other crimes to be known and exposed


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