Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gregor Mendel’s naughty peas and our GM future

We now know more about genetics than Gregor ever dreamed. This is the part of the future, after all, when they predicted we would be sorted into castes by genotype and Ethan Hawke would be prohibited from pursuing romance with Uma Thurman
Human cloning comes ever closer to reality. The great thing about having a clone would be that one of you would always have two spare livers. This is also how I assume the Olsen twins operate.
But Europeans may be trying to put a stop to this.

Americans tend to be less queasy about genetically modified food than Europeans. Who knows why. Perhaps it’s something they’re putting in our water.

This is in many ways a logical position — all food is genetically modified. Our wheat is bigger and more wheat-like than it was when our ancestors first harvested it. Our corn is cornier.

But Europe is moving forward with plans to ban genetically modified foods. Never mind that hardy GM crops could help combat famine around the world. Greenpeace disapproves. Such crops might be invasive! They might destroy local species diversity!

OK, lets get to the bottom of this
because here is becoming an issue of history
and "historical and facts derived" credibility, or better "lack thereof"
wall street has an historical connection to all the genocides in modern history
wall street has an historical connection to eugenics and racism
wall street has an historical connection to international fraud, usury and racketeering
wall street has an historical connection to international drug trafficking
wall street has an historical connection to international crime money laundering
the world gives up the patent and copyright system
and the genetics can do what they are pleased
"but" they must also provide "free of charge"
the antidote to their product
lets make an example
GM seeds get carried by the wind and contaminate my garden
Monsanto should be "required" in a state of law that is not a farce
to provide a "feasible remedy"
such as another genetic agent that destroys "only" Monsanto seeds
GM crops don't provide any better function than perma-cultures
besides giving the kristo-nazi-mafio-bankers of wall street
a racketeers monopoly on food
and another weapon for another money changers genocide
at the bottom line, bio-genetics can be used
as "unconventional warfare" with "plausible denial"
bio genetics are "designed" for war
and the lies of the US establishment are directed to morons
as usual, for deception and self interest
GM crops won't solve famine for the ones that live on one dollar a day
GM crops will kill of famine millions, as you can see already in India
wall street "godly" "holy" fraud seems never to end
the day an asteroid makes wall street south east lake michigan
is always going to be too late


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