Thursday, July 07, 2011

Gli Usa lanciano l'allarme per i voli:
"Al Qaeda prepara bombe sotto pelle"

nascondendo degli esplosivi impiantati chirurgicamente sotto pelle che non sono rilevabili né dai body scanner né dai cani anti-bomba

ohhh, that was unexpected !
who would have thought about it ?
maybe we need more "qualified" and "competent"
and since we are also kristo freaks
possibly with a doctorate in theology
this is a field where total security will never exist
but is a good cow with giant tits
to suckle taxpayer moneys out of the pockets of simpleton gonzos
a good source of easy money
for the "qualified" and "competent" sons of the white duck
in the pockets of the narco-banking kristo-nazi wall street interests


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