Sunday, July 10, 2011

For America's "99ers," jobs crisis is hard to escape

She is one of millions of Americans whose unemployment benefits have expired -- after 99 weeks in many states -- as the United States suffers its highest level of long-term unemployment since 1948.
She used to earn $70,000 a year as an administrative assistant until her firm began to downsize and left Coyne among the growing number of Americans struggling to live on unemployment benefits, and eventually on minimal food aid.

Now Washington is considering cuts to social welfare programs to shrink a swelling budget deficit.

It may not only be Americans like Coyne who feel the pain. Some economists say the cuts could make it even harder to shrink long-term unemployment that damages the wider economy by dampening consumer demand and lowering output.

lucky her
the self employed got a whole nothing for the three years unemployment
even if they paid the same taxes as her for the same income
but the kristo krooks banking kartel
got three trillion, plus "bonuses"
well, if they cut food stamps
the US will become ground of famine like the countries in the middle east
and most likely the country will see clashes like in Greece and Egypt
the kristo krooks don't realize how bad the situation is
they state their privileges are "not negotiable"
we will see, bankers and church pigs are tender beef,
they don't like to work, only party
there, Donner party 2.0
the economy as a whole could take another steep downturn
and the monetary instruments may not permit recovery, this time
the only good economy resulting from such policies
could be industrial farming, railroads and barges transport
"maybe" networks if the few still in business
may look to telecommuting
the rest of the system will collapse
"and" it will be 4 to 16 times more disruptive of 1929
the combined effects of eliminating food stamps
with the negative economic accelerator resulting from it
could possibly kill anywhere from 30 million people up in the US
and bankrupt another 40% of the american economy, at the least
Washington can keep printing money
and keep on payroll its useless bureaucratic bunch of corrupted puppets,
its tax exempt 5000 churches with 3000 living prophets and television preachers
and its 775 failed fractional thin air money printing banks
until the planet pulls out of the dollar

then when hell may break lose
they can make one of the ruling 300 families
fuhrer or godfather, or both
maybe they can take the pope here to run the US
the Vatican thinks like them
their skim is "not negotiable" either
any economy that understands what is going on
would seek a transition into an "efficient" economic model
a "market" model based on chicken brains demand and offer
is only "slightly" more efficient than a kristo-Bolshevist socialist model
the real problem is that they are "all" inefficient systems
"extraordinarily inefficient systems"
what can you expect from a theory invented by Sumerians 5000 years ago ?

"politics and efficiency can not go along"
efficiency is "science", not mafia style kristo politics
it is scientific resource allocation, not usury monetary skim
of Nazi-Bolshevist-kristo-mafio freaks
the only alternative to a logistic society is world scale war
it worked for the 2000 years of the kristian fraud
"but" "this time" wall street can only obtain a Pyrrhic victory out of a world war


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