Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ecco l’onda illiberale che sommerge la cultura

Ammettiamo pure che il gusto dominante, nelle nostre società, sia di parecchio peggiorato. I dati di vendita forniscono indicazioni circa il gradimento presso i consumatori. Ognuno ha diritto alle proprie preferenze, e ognuno ha diritto a cercare di cambiare le preferenze del suo prossimo. La diffusione della cultura, oggi come ieri, è un atto militante, tende alla «conquista» del lettore, non la rifiuta come un compromesso.
Che cos’è la «decrescita felice» se non una dichiarazione d’indifferenza per le sorti dei prodotti editoriali? E che cos’è l’indifferenza per le sorti di un prodotto editoriale se non una forma di disprezzo per il lettore?
L’ economia è una scienza lugubre, ma una cosa dovrebbe avercela insegnata. Un’industria che sceglie di disinteressarsi dei propri consumatori non ha futuro.

it is as usual the effect of submission
to the offer that can not be refused monopoly
the modern interpretation of "market" is monopoly
monopolize the offer so that the chicken brain picks its "preferences"
monopolize the offer so that the interest of the producer prevails
over the interest of the world population
on this type of market, the definition "free"
applies only to multinationals free to brainwash and rob governments and people
there is nothing liberal or libertarian in this situation
the first rule of libertarian theory is the "government policemen"
the "multinational bandits racket" is not part of any classic libertarian theory
the "religious crime cartel" is not part of any classic libertarian theory
the "governance submitted to corruption" is not part of any classic libertarian theory
economy was designed to be submitted to governance
as empiric knowledge over rational distribution
economics have usurped the legitimates powers of society
as a racket of distribution benefiting themselves
with the help of the betrayers of their countries and their people
corrupted religions and corrupted politics
neither an industry as it is our days
nor the concept of "consumer" have a future
the best that can come out of the two is to become both "consumed"
in terms of "negative growth", happy or not
there is no other option
a system that has some common sense
should replace currency with energy units expiring in 90 days
tear down the "consumers" show
limit endothermic power to strategic sectors
and move to logistic production of 100 years lasting items in lifespan
with no other power than solar, wind, tides or geothermal
the rest "taboo", "strategic reserves"
for railroads, navigation and agriculture
start recycling cars, trucks and airplanes
before it may be too late
oh, actually there is an alternative
and there is nothing liberal nor libertarian about it
it would be a "holy war", the "holy IIIrd world war"
get 6 billion people killed
and the world will stay the same as usual
ran by the three big pigs
the priest, the banker and the politician
under the fantasy super pig in the sky
forgiving their sins


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