Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Make Telecommuting Pay Off

Three years ago, when gas prices were at $4 a gallon, Tech Data Corp. executives were looking for a way to ease employees’ financial burdens. They offered 200 employees the opportunity to experiment with telecommuting.

Last year, the telecommuting option was extended to about 530 of the 1,500 employees at the company’s Clearwater, Fla., headquarters. The HR team wanted to offer it to even more employees, but there was one major obstacle—an antiquated telephone network that can’t route calls to the next available employee working at home. Without that capability, the phone system would significantly hinder at-home sales staff and service representatives who field customers’ calls.

telecommuting is the rational logistic solution
but unfortunately is not gaining ground
because mainly of giant egos of incompetent leadership and management
the same people with a leg in the air holding positions not in base of any competence
but on the base of affiliations to crime forgiving or criminal syndicates
it is obvious that a distributed retail system mines their under the table operations
where the business is just a cover up for other interests
technology is actually just an excuse
serious companies don't use traditional telephony any longer
everything is on voice-ip, and works very very well
companies that support bully-ism, religious proselytism and discrimination
paternalistic management and unfair labor practices
tend to be the ones that want "only" employees in person
also, peak oil will hit again at least for a couple of downturns in this decade
companies that are planning to stay in business
should get rid of short-term sighted incompetent management


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