Friday, July 22, 2011

Arizonans enraged at Muslim word for dust storm

A few years back, Arizona got sick of the fact that Texas and Mississippi and Alabama were always the butts of the rest of the nation's jokes about halfwit xenophobic gun-toting pissed-off old white folk, and so The Grand Canyon State decided to really kick it up a notch, in terms of bad craziness and hatred. The tireless work of Governor Jan Brewer, State Senator Russell Pearce and Sheriff Joe Arpaio paid off! Thanks to those three, Arizona is no longer defined by its amazing geography, rich history, and rugged, independent residents. No, when you think of Arizona in 2011, you think of a bunch of armed racist morons.

guess they'll soon abandon the Arabic numbering system as well
the roman numbering system won't qualify either
because for the KKK Italian are half black
so I guess they'll have to adopt the Runic numbering system
M$, make a note, where is my windoze Runic calculator ?


F - panel (Front) - Number and value of the runes

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