Thursday, July 07, 2011

Abolire il valore legale della laurea?
Mondo economico vs mondo accademico
Diverse proposte di legge, tutte del centrodestra, per il cambiamento. E in Senato è stata avviata un'indagine conoscitiva. C'è chi suggerisce la liberalizzazione, sul modello Usa, con tanto di "rating" degli atenei e chi teme che i cittadini siano meno tutelati e aumentino le disuguaglianze sociali

Il mondo economico considera il valore legale del titolo di studio ormai superato e spinge perché l'inutile orpello venga abolito quanto prima. Il mondo accademico, e non solo, è invece contrario e mette in guardia dalle ripercussioni di una simile scelta. Intanto, in Parlamento sono diverse le proposte di legge sull'argomento, tutte del centrodestra. Ma cosa vuol dire abolire il valore legale di un titolo di studio, laurea o diploma che sia? Perché un titolo di studio deve avere un valore legale?

the situation in the US does not look as depicted
there are "accredited" degrees that have the same legal value
of more or less any European degrees
while "non accredited" degrees just look good on the people resume
but are not worth the same to employers

in second instance, there is no tendency in the US system
to hire under-qualified "or" overqualified people
and this creates a problem of occupation for the people that have advanced degrees
because they won't be hired for lower requirements
as "overqualified" for the position
that explains people with masters going to school to get 2 years technical degrees

in third instance "professional association" in the US
don't hardly have any "political" or "of cast" power
they are just associations more or less prestigious based on composition and field
and at times called to express opinions on matters regarding their members
but they are not even close to the "feudal" "monopoly" system as it is in Italy

This feudal system, by the way, is identical for business, commerce and trade licenses
Here there is no "cast", anybody in good standing
can go get a license for anything reasonable
they won't give you a license for a stripper club in front of a kindergarten
but they will for the right zoned area
with "no numerical restriction of licenses"
because their logic is that the license has "zero" value
the "business" does, and they are right on that part
so eliminating the value of Italian degrees will just make Italians less employable
thus causing a damage to the nation
"but" liberalizing competition in education
where the ministry of education evaluates schools
to establish "accreditation" will make the system stronger
and force the "easy" universities of nowhere to raise their standards

On the other hands eliminating professional orders
"and" eliminating the numerical limits on small business licenses of any sort
should be a step to look into
to eliminate corruption and to exit the middle age bureaucracy
that is paralyzing the country


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