Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7,500 earthquakes shake resolve in NZealand city

Seismologists have recorded 7,500 earthquakes in Christchurch since September — an average of more than 20 a day.
All around, buckled homes sat abandoned atop a sea of mud and sand. A makeshift blue water pipe snaked along the sidewalk. The few who remained announced their presence with cardboard signs like the Cattermoles': "3 Children & 2 Adults Still Here."
The problem: a phenomenon called liquefaction, when an earthquake forces underground water up through loose soil.
"It's the same physics as quicksand," Furlong said. "Whole acres turn into something of a liquid. Houses sink. Water and mud jet up through the surface. You get cracks, sand volcanoes, flooding."
He said that geologists are reassessing the importance of liquefaction after the devastating impact it has had on Christchurch.

well, next to them on the north island
is one of the six most feared super-volcanoes on earth
and we are due for an ice age
nothing to be surprised
remember tioba
only 3000 survivors on the "entire earth"


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