Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Per aiutare i giovani tagliamo le loro tasse
L'esclusione dei giovani

nella fascia d'età fra i 16 e i 24 anni, solo un ragazzo su quattro lavora: in Germania, negli Stati Uniti e nella media dei Paesi europei, uno su due. I ragazzi italiani lavorano meno di altri per due ragioni: sono meno quelli che cercano lavoro (cioè la partecipazione alla forza lavoro è più bassa che in altri Paesi), e tra quelli che lo cercano in meno lo trovano (cioè il tasso di disoccupazione è più alto).
Nella fascia d'età 25-34 anni, gli italiani che hanno una laurea sono 18 su cento, meno della metà che in Francia, Svezia e Stati Uniti.
La peculiarità dell'Italia non è solo l'elevata disoccupazione giovanile, ma il divario fra giovani e adulti. Il rapporto tra il livello di disoccupazione dei giovani e quello degli adulti è 4 in Italia (cioè per ogni disoccupato adulto ci sono 4 disoccupati giovani) contro il 2,4 dell'area Euro, 1,4 in Germania.
Non solo i giovani in Italia lavorano poco, ma sempre più sono impiegati con contratti temporanei che raramente sfociano in un contratto a tempo indeterminato.

they won't, the situation will also get worse also in the countries where they do
we as everybody else are applying theories without understanding the process and the times
temporary jobs should be linked as experience and exit to the school system
people should be trained to be self employed
then the ones that get a job can be both
unfortunately we live in a society fouled by the myth of the clientele
with a ranking system based on fantasy theories of unlimited growth and reproduction
that could only be sustained with unlimited free oil, which is not the factual case
energy is the prime principle of monetary value
less energy less value more inflation
energy is the prime principle of complexity
less energy less social and markets complexity
energy is the prime principle of food survival
less energy less survival
now there are a number of casts
that don't realize the severity of the situation
if they did, they would be voluntarily take pay cuts
and solicit the whole nation to a plan of austerity
they would be as sovereign or of national interest agencies and enterprises
solicit themselves a reduction of their funding allocation
they would as a political category
solicit a grand energy transformation, progressive and logistically efficient
first for the internal market, and next for the emerging new markets
that are abandoning the myth of capital driven inefficient decision making
understanding that "if" there may be a survival way out for the human species
the one that has a highest likelihood of success is a technocracy and logistic society
when resources exceed and create demand
the thin difference between a logistic technocratic science driven society
and a market monetary driven society or a socialistic legend driven society
can not be perceived
because automatic growth of abundant energy favors everybody
"but" in a case of decreasing energy input to the closed system earth
the theories split apart and separate
to get there
the population bomb so loved by preachers and money changers
that evidences factually the inefficiency and ineffectiveness
of a market monetary and religious dogma driven society
we gave up talking about what to do with the cast
the cast cares only for their own pockets
churches that need more money and political power
politicians with sons of the golden duck privileges
industrialized racket taking over the production system
are not going to care for the crumbs the bottom of their pyramids need to survive
and keep laying to everybody and pass along the mess to the next one coming
like a Russian roulette
the young that want to survive free
need to go to school and learn the skills to be self employed
get a term job and earn the money to start a business
and if this cast of incompetents does not give a damn about anything and anybody
to keep hold of their skim
"at the least" should eliminate useless bureaucracy and favor free and unregulated
artisan and cooperative enterprise
before a revolution may start


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