Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Energy Shortages Spreading: Rationing in China, Pakistan, Venezuela, Japan, Argentina; China Resorts to Punitive Prices to Curb Demand

The country may face a summer shortage of 30 gigawatts as supply lags behind demand growth, the China Electricity Council said on April 29. That deficit is about twice the shortfall Japan faced after the March 11 earthquake, Miraeā€™s Kwan said.

here another point
we need a grand energy transformation
it starts with heating, cooking, and illumination in the houses and at work
need low consumption bulbs everywhere, people are using them, they are getting cheap
need fluorescence and solar panels to reduce night illumination, seen in California, is ok
need eliminating all traffic lights, useless, four way stops will do, the dutch are testing them
need 17W computers, the Chinese are building them for china because we western dumb-asses
want 500W systems with 15 fans to cool them down
to run bloated crap closed operating systems and applications
that should be "banned" for public appropriation
and a lot more


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