Friday, May 20, 2011

Commenti e Inchieste, La solitudine di un liberista. A Milano (come in Italia) destra e sinistra restano agli antipodi del mercato

A causa di questa infatuazione infantile per il cemento e per gli affari come panacea di ogni male, chi ci rappresenta all'estero si è trovato a lodare pubblicamente un dittatore perché ha avuto la fortuna, negata ai poveri governanti italiani, di poter costruire in pochi anni senza intralci un'intera città - con che risultati estetici e a che prezzo per i suoi sfortunati sudditi non sappiamo, e non interessa. O si è trovato a baciare la mano di un altro dittatore che ci prometteva di salvare una banca nostrana e di riservarci due commesse nel deserto.

Un liberista crede profondamente nella competenza individuale. Per questo è incredulo che ci si riempia la bocca di ricerca, scienza e tecnologia ma per motivi ideologici si possa nominare alla vice-presidenza del Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche una persona che da anni propaganda tesi che appaiono insensate ed offensive verso intere categorie di persone e la cui designazione perfino Cesare Lombroso, patrono della pseudo-scienza e dell'oscurantismo, troverebbe discutibile.

as libertarians we need our own "mea culpa"
as we failed recognizing that because of belief in freedom
certain categories of draculian bloodsuckers were permitted
in name of the same freedom
to monopolize and racketeer public service
and to strip the people of their pity wealth on planetary scale
in order to make churches the biggest multinationals of the western world
money changers and churches don't believe in freedom
money changers and churches are the architects of genocides, wars and famine
it is not a case Hitler went to power with legal means
it is not a case has been rumored Cavour to have been assassinated
by order of the finger of god, from France
now has there to be a limit to the freedom of the ones that deny freedom ?
the history of the last century seems to prove
that freedom given to the ones that do not respect freedom of others
in the words or in the facts
produces only the end of freedom for all
has happened over and over for a century
the power has worn out the ones that dissent
for the benefit of the easy money for the cast
funded by the tits of the public and fractional monetary policy cows
and as expected now the holy money changing pigs
state that "their standards are not negotiable"
we need as well a second "mea culpa"
because we failed to predict the effects of false information
poisoning the decisions of the free market
"and" we may now even think
such false information was the result of an agreement on world scale
whereas a cast of church banking pigs
anybody knows where they are
defraud the entire planet
now the problem every libertarian is facing
is that libertarian philosophy only favors the "new world order" cast
and will lead to extermination camps and a century of wars of resources
so at this point the only possible action for liberty
becomes an overhaul of the planetary ranking system
such overhaul will happen anyhow
EROEI is not disputable
so the alternative is to wait until that time
and have the bags packed for the holy extermination camps
or do something about it
a technocratic logistic society with no currency
seems the only possible reasonable solution
to try to save the human species from extinction
and surely enough are not the holy money changers pigs
to look into it
they want a holy grand war
so they can all go to heaven
it may be the case that facilitating the process would make everybody get
what they state they want
also as libertarians we failed to recognize
that wall street holy architects
would have created a second holocaust one way or another
in the us is called private medical system
"the silent holocaust"
abroad is called monetary usury and famine export
with 60 years of lies the holy money changers pigs
have improved the system of their "new world order" plan
my crystal ball predicts "the plan" is going to be nothing else than world scale genocide
now look at the wall street vatican alliance for the rat lines
that explains everything
capitalism, god, blah blah blah
damn you and your god and the horse too
may come the day the American people
may understand exactly what their 300 families
of kristo banking wall street mass murder racket "really" are
and that day will mark the start of the second American revolution
nothing unspoken, just "unheard"
by the simpletons of god, god, god, capitalism, capitalism, capitalism, blah, blah, blah
even Henry Ford mentioned it, and President Jackson warned against it
the brain challenged mass has rather listen to psychopaths
announcing the "rupture"
and repeat each other that they are a superior race


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