Sunday, April 10, 2011

Marcegaglia:«Noi imprenditori
ci sentiamo soli»
Il presidente di Confindustria presenta l'assise generale:
«L'Italia di oggi è un paese diviso»

chiama ogni singolo imprenditore e ogni associazione della nostra confederazione a dire la sua e esprimersi direttamente su quelle che considera le vere priorità da porre al centro dell'agenda nazionale
per consentire a tutti voi di esprimervi con grande chiarezza e libertà su tutti maggiori impegni, i temi dell'impresa, delle relazioni industriali, della produttività della scuola del , welfare, delle infrastrutture, del fisco, del mezzogiorno, di ricerca e innovazione».
dal mondo delle imprese deve venire un esempio per tutti. Dobbiamo far capire che si può convergere su poche scelte, condivise».

well, to start, the first step in solving the problem
is to admit there is a problem
and the vast majority of the Italian population
under the tits of the roman cow and the fantasy man in the sky that forgives sins
either don't understand the issue, or don't have the personal freedom to acknowledge it
now read the graph
it seems clear that indicates a transition
to be back at the 1900 in a few decades
the reason is simple "oil"
the rationale is self explanatory
you can not get a barrel of oil out the ground
if it takes more than a barrel of oil to extract it
"and" you can print money
but you can not print oil or food
so it does not matter how much you are willing to pay for oil
if the EROEI is becoming a sink ...
at some point the believers in the stupid theories of infinite growth
mainly churches and bankers, for their pockets convenience
will have to come to term with reality
first of all in the 1900 90% of people worked in agriculture
and 93% of people were self employed
so the first thing to understand
is that whoever wants to create dependent occupations
instead than small business and self employment professional houses and cooperatives
does not understand what is happening around them
second of all the world population in 1900
was 25% of the current population
and 20% of the projected population of 2025-2030
without green revolution technologies
collapse and starvation are assured
now in the graphics "without collapse" is just there for scientific political correctness
the objective probability of "no collapse:" is probably around the 0.00000000001 %
now it is self evident that the current politics of aggression
towards people property and rights
are simply a mean of the "cast" for preserving their status
at the expenses of the productive segment of the population
pretty much an elegant way to strip people of any rights and property
arranged by a conspiracy of money changers
hanging their victims with the rope of inevitable debt
and here we get to "collapse"
it is not a matter any longer of "if" but just of "when"
somebody of libertarian attitude
once said you shave the sheep, you don't kill the sheep
because after the last three of Easter island was cut
the cannibals revolt took place
and "nobody" survived, as we know from history and anthropology
but apparently the holy vultures alliance of draculian bankers and churches
refuses to acknowledge reality
the "easy" solution is conflict and collapse
in some places will win the christo-cleptocracy
and their holy benedicted extermination camps
in others may win the mob
and their marxist benedicted re-education gulags
some others wont make it
their country will belong to the hordes that invaded them
and nothing will be left of their species
now the "hard" solution is logistics and technocracy
in the middle there are two obstacles to saving a doomed market model
the preachers of unlimited reproduction
and the preachers of unlimited growth
they are the ones that will own your businesses
with religious mobbing and banking usury
they are the ones that will hire mercenaries abroad
to preserve their power and massacre your population
to take their pity wealth
as they always did in two thousand years
the necessary prerequisite to an ordered transition
is to be able to remove permanently
the parasite cost drivers that affect the system, the social sinks in the equation
now logistics offers several methods of abating cost drivers
whoever is the project manager can adjust the methods necessary
with the proper installer
"but" the first consideration is "in" the internalization of the acknowledgement
that the market and the monetary system are extraordinarily inefficient
and such acceptance marks the cornerstone of any action towards reorganization
because such inefficiency is logistically measurable
and is a powerful source providing effects of surrogate growth
in "effectiveness" instead than in numerical production
now applying the above in a simple way
for an "ordered transition"
growth of population must become negative
regardless what the lunatics preachers of unlimited reproduction think
the parasitic vertices of economic sinks must be removed and/or suppressed
regardless what the lunatics of usury interests think
and quantitative growth has to regress towards qualitative growth
while the inefficient market dissolves replaced by logistic social optimization
based on rationing of resources at the level of basic needs
and an exchange based on energy unit of count, replacing monetary allocation
for resources above the level of basic needs
the alternative is a century of revolutions and wars
and the money changers in the temple with their buddies architects of godly fantasies
have to make a choice of weather they value their and their families lives
or maintaining their privileges until the final collapse
now the Atahuallpa of the usury and church racket may want to think this over
maybe go hide in a hole under a mountain somewhere


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