Saturday, April 30, 2011

Il Papa che aveva fede anche nella scienza, di Antonino Zichichi
Fu proprio Giovanni Paolo II, nel 1979, ad aprire le porte della Chiesa agli scienziati

Non dobbiamo scoraggiarci se nella Cultura di questi anni la componente scientifica su cui si è impegnato Giovanni Paolo II sia ancora per i tempi storici «in fasce». Sono i vent’anni dal crollo del Muro di Berlino la testimonianza che siamo ancora in «cronaca».

no doubt one of the greatest popes the catholic church "ever" had in history
on the other hands the age of the two John Paul
has been followed by another age of darkness
and may fall further into a second madness
like the second war was not enough
the Vatican is two churches
has been two churches and two types of interest for the whole 20th century
beyond the religion and the appearance
there are the obscure subversive hands of the black nobility,
the interests of the puppet masters of the various secret societies,
the dark facts linked to the genocide in Croatia,
the support and the silence of a certain clergy to the holocaust,
the rat lines,
and the metamorphosis of a "real" catholic church
from a poor religious entity as it was at the beginning of the twentieth century
into the largest Italian multinational
linked two ways with obscure interests of the wall street oil banking lobby
so maybe the exorcist is addressing some kind of truth
when he indicates that the devil is in the Vatican
if the Vatican is the temple
there is something very unchristian and very sinister about its tax exempt blood dripping merchants
and this is not the "only" issue
the next problem in order of time is "peak everything"
humanity is facing unless a method of "sustainable procreation" is enforced
and unless the "inefficient market system" is replaced by a "logistic system"
now there is always something true in the historical symbolism
because even if out of the BRICK is left only the BIC
possibly sticks and stones may end up being in high demand in the world of the future
while on the other hands
the doubts and the uncertainty of the interpretation of the dogma
may in the centuries vary upon possible new discoveries and new knowledge
just considerations of common sense
when the world is calling people to the holy wars
and the madness of the "not negotiable" is taking over
the last ones that tried that line
ended up hanged in Nuremberg
and some of the churches that got away with it at the time
may end up not to be so lucky on another run

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