Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aumentano i disoccupati tra i giovani
Il tasso di ragazzi senza lavoro
a marzo salito al 28,6 per cento

«La leggera crescita del tasso di disoccupazione - aggiunge Sacconi - è dovuta alla diminuzione dell’inattività, in particolare dei giovani. Ovvero più giovani si offrono sul mercato del lavoro uscendo da quella condizione di rinuncia aprioristica che è sempre l’aspetto più preoccupante della condizione giovanile. Una ripresa, per quanto moderata, è in atto e deve essere accompagnata anche dalla qualificazione e riqualificazione professionale».

we see a serious problem the old continent is going to face soon
first of all an insufficient welfare system to provide for people basic survival needs
second a middle aged bureaucracy impeding and milking any potential production initiative
and third a lack of fair taxation "for all"
the road out of this mess
that has to be found very fast, before the unemployment rate reaches 60%
and the famine along the population causes a revolution
is in eliminating any and all taxation exemptions
and providing the population of rationed minimal food and shelter
other than access to part time labor and/or education
unless these obstacles are removed
the European revolution
will happen before the second American revolution
and the countries with highest debt and unemployment
will be the first
to fall in dictatorial regimes
or in loss of control and chaos of civil wars
good project of public interest
could be construction of single room studio units
for housing purpose,
public city messes
for feeding purpose,
and public cooperative covered space
incentive for self employment and cooperative projects and services
as indicated, the financial coverage
can be allocated eliminating "all" tax exemptions
may this happen ?
we doubt, the "untouchable" sons of the white duck
are the real rulers
the rest all puppets of the holy-satanic madness
the alternative is more probable
another "man of the providence"
another adventure in the madness
seems more realistic, especially for the soft belly of Europe


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