Tuesday, January 04, 2011

We Almost Lost Detroit [Mass Market Paperback]
John Fuller (Author)

By Robert Hill "R L Hill"
This review is from: We Almost Lost Detroit (Paperback)
Fuller deals very well with the complexities and the failures of the US's first commercial liquid metal fast breeder reactor. In particular, he is very careful to contrast this advanced but inherently more dangerous design with the common light water reactors nearly everywhere else in the US and abroad. This book IS dated - post 3 Mile Island many reactors in the US had their entire controls systems updated to avoid operator errors and inefficiencies - but the failure of design and operation processes that occured (such as non-documented design changes that didn't make the "final" plans and eventually resulted in the accident!) are still with us today. A good book, and fairly even in treatment, despite a highly cautionary tone.

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