Saturday, August 06, 2011

Suor Giuliana: chi può fermi gli speculatori

Per Massimo Gramellini de La Stampa è suor Giuliana Galli l’unica che a un certo punto ha mostrato di avere almeno un barlume di strategia per far fronte al caos infernale dei mercati pregare. Lei ride divertita: «È vero l’altro giorno ho detto proprio così, non ci resta che pregare» . Ma sia chiaro pregare «non significa dire due Ave Maria e accendere una candela a Santa Rita » , avverte la religiosa-sociologa
«Pregare vuol dire prima di tutto rendersi conto che la Provvidenza ci ha fatto dono della terra non certo per devastarla in tutti i modi. Anche perché abbiamo avuto l’intelligenza e anche questa va usata al meglio»
Ma è davvero così impossibile capire chi muove sui mercati? E come mai -si chiede suor Giuliana -nessuno cerca di capire per conto di chi si muovono questi speculatori, quali sono i veri obiettivi, chi ci guadagna da tutto ciò. E quanto ci guadagna. A perdere, invece, alla fine sono sempre gli stessi» . «Per questo dico: chi può fermi gli speculatori» .

well, maybe she may be close to the solution
in more practical terms
George Carlin said he obtained reasonable results praying Joe Pesci
who knows, the roads of hell as much as the ones of heaven, may be infinite
that is an important point
and the evidence all points at a fault of theology
into pursuing unlimited unreasonable irresponsible procreation
unfortunately for the theology, the God of Spinoza does not talk like humans
the one or many who talk to the mind, are at the worse pathology and at the best telepathy
unfortunately for the theology, the God of Spinoza
talks trough hurricanes, lightnings, meteorite impacts, volcano explosions and earthquakes
talks trough polar melting, universal floods, altered days and nights, and ice ages
and needs intellectual hears capable of listening "for their own sake"
unfortunately for the theology, the God of Spinoza does not recognize the perfection of theology
it just proves "in the facts" its own terrible and complete perfection,
beyond any alleged personified goods and evils
and beyond the accuracy or the failures of theology
"but" there is also a reason for the ancient expression of "mea culpa"
whereas the God of Spinoza is an equal opportunity universal entity
and is of no impediment to the acceptance of humanity and a revised theology of "the truth"
and for whatever reason in the years I found females to be more inclined
because of a biological predisposition in being reminded of the force of nature
into reaching a closer unconscious perception of nature surroundings
while males seem to be more inclined to pindaric abstractions, often outside any reality
no, it is not that difficult, it is "inconvenient"
when we accept the concept of usury interest it all comes consequential
interest and usury are the same concept
if we accept to benefit of the of usury, we do so at expenses of others
in a closed system, a gain of one is a loss of another
for 150 years the "other" was mother earth
there is no such thing as earned interest, usury is "always" preyed upon others or something
now as Saint Agustine mentions about the categories of contemplative and active
each one of us has to assess his specific position with a work of conscience
some of us older, sicker or just not meant for it
have to opt for being contemplative
but our hopefully working brains were given to us with the implied function of using them
so at the best, we can only mark the way
hoping that in the grandness of things
other forces of nature to which the duty and gift of being active has been dispensed
may lock on the sources of so much pain for humanity
neutralizing them


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