Monday, August 08, 2011


la potenza americana è trattata come un qualunque staterello europeo
un uomo sospeso fra la lobby di lusso degli avvocati di Chicago e le radici filo islamiche e antioccidentali della sua infanzia e adolescenza
e siccome a me e a molti altri dotati di buon senso, il declino dell'unica superpotenza amica non fa piacere,auguriamoci che i repubblicani trovino in tutta fretta uno straccio di candidato presentabile per il 2012
Se il dollaro non fosse la valuta di riferimento mondiale, il default sarebbe già avvenuto, e sulle macerie di Obama ballerebbe la Cina comunista e si infrangerebbero definitivamente le speranze d'Europa di sfangarla.

the "financial" conditions of an arrogant kristo-nazi-socialist racket
of politicians corrupted by banksters
has been "rightly" demoted in financial rating
due to "their" "irresponsible" behavior
the sad part is that "the people" will pay for their politicians stupidity

Obama himself, has "no influence whatsoever"
he is the President, he "ratifies" signing off a law produced by the parliaments
if this two chambers of morons can not reach an agreement because of "obstructionism"
to save their corrupting sponsors, big banks, big churches and big oil
plus the other wall street thugs
the "fault" is in the chambers

"specifically" the scumbags are the most of the republican party
and a few right wing democrats
"good luck to them for reelection"
"in the US those type of votes are public" and "people are really upset"

"and" they did "all so"
to "hold on" to "tax exemptions" for people with incomes
of "over 250 thousand dollars a year"
and with them, "all the corporations"
"all tax exempt through loopholes"
robin hood in reverse
that taxes the poor to keep tax exempt "the holy cast"
the "holy cast" is "1%" of the votes
"good luck on getting reelected"
"as soon as the effects will be visible"
luxury lawyers of Chicago maybe, the second "bulls",
propaganda of the lunatics of the tea party
he is a christian just like you and just like the republicans
he has "never" said a word to terminate privileges of the christian cast
he "avoids" the issue because "he is one of them"
as, pretty much "all" republicans are themselves also kiss-ass bigots members
5000 churches with 3000 living prophets
all rigorously tax exempt and foraged by the taxpayer
that's "holy s*"
good luck
another republican administration would bring back the US towards "collapse"
to maybe around 2016
so if you and others get what you are asking for
Europe will sink about 2014 at the worse, up to 2016 at the best
now if you happen to be in the lists of the ones
that will get taken to protected facilities under mountains during the third world war
then, maybe in your specific case I understand your "hate" for all this poor people
"condemned" to starvation and annihilation
otherwise "I don't understand" your position, sounds "puzzling"
"communist" china is "less communist"
than American and European right, left or Christos parties
after the revision
they privatized the profit but they don't socialize the losses
actually, when the losses are severe,
they "execute" their politicians and industry managers
I am surprised of how serious they are

on the other hands, we "godly" "superior" "capitalists" "under god" "blah blah blah"
let all those scumbags rule us and reach in the little people pockets, "what a shame"
maybe what is saving them
is that they are neither Christians nor hypocrites
they understood the need of "containing idiotic unlimited reproduction"


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