Sunday, August 14, 2011

Il ciclone Perry sfida Obama

Cristiano evangelico, oppositore di aborto e diritti gay, sostenitore della pena di morte e con il vanto di guidare da dieci anni lo Stato che resiste meglio alla crisi, Perry si dice «sicuro di vincere nel 2012» prima di pronunciare la frase: «Con la fede in Dio, il sostegno della mia famiglia e un’incrollabile fiducia nella forza positiva dell’America mi candido a presidente».
per poi martellare Barack Obama: «Un americano su 6 è senza lavoro, questa non è una ripresa ma un disastro», «ha causato il downgrade non solo della finanza ma delle nostre vite»

beware the ones that are loyal to two masters
because religions and country loyalty, are not compatible
and history shows religions
always stab countries in the back
to protect their mafia power
at the bottom line it will be the choice "one or the other"
and the wrong choice will be a curse for the US
"Caesar beware the ides of march"

on the other hands, a candidate like him or Santorum
running with Palin or Bachmann
should result in a sure GOP fail
people of common sense would rather vote for Jay Rockefeller or Romney
godly smalltalk is an "insult to people intelligence"
it only appeals to illiterate white trash
sure, he "forgets" to mention
that under his GOP buddy G.W.Bush the US "stopped growing"
"and" the 8 years administration created a "depression"
"and" created an house bubble with no precedent in history
"and" destroyed one third of America businesses
"thus" causing the unemployment Obama practically inherited
for the largest part
he "forgets" also to mention
that the credit rating downgrade is a result of his GOP buddies obstructionism
"political" and "intentional" downgrade "planned" by the GOP
to blame the other party president, that’s "holy s*"

but the way of the nation under god are infinite
to reach the people wallet
god loves you, and most of all loves your money
"most" of what the GOP states are a bunch of lies
they are at the fruit, desperate, they are looking for a "coup"
they are at "Nazi style" rhetoric
to appeal to empty brains neo-nazi rednecks
"international audience", "beware" the lies
of the "puppets" of wall street banksters holy-Nazi-socialist godly crooks
a madman at the white house
"as proven with the previous one"
may mean third world war
on the other hands the story is always
as in the known joke:
"how do you know politicians lie" ?
"because their lips are moving"
look at the chart the "brilliant" results
of the last GOP president rigorously "godly" genius
that managed to collapse a "growth" that lasted 18 years
"before him"


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