Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Portogallo, Moody's taglia il rating

Doppia mossa di Moody’s che fa calare la scure sul rating del Portogallo, declassandolo a "junk", ossia spazzatura, e mette in guardia sui rischi del piano francese per il nuovo salvataggio della Grecia che prevede il rinnovo del debito greco attraverso la partecipazione dei creditori privati. Le agenzie di rating non danno tregua

the result of politics of incompetent European bankers at the best
"or" of bankers guilty of high treason at the worse
why Europe is not able of a monetary policy that makes any sense, is a mistery
or better, no, it is not a mystery
if you are in regimes of corruption
in the pockets of wall street bribes
then all becomes clear
the euro politicians and banksters don't want to acknowledge
that they are "servants" of "foreign" wall street interest
because if the people would understand
their political career would be finished
or maybe worse
under any country laws
"selling" a country sovereignty to a foreign country
in this case wall street mobster banks
can be persecuted as "high treason"
Europe is under attack by wall street christo thugs
financing its bonuses and its international crimes category of parasites
now speculating for taking down the European union
they can not do it with the Chinese
because the Chinese hold them by the balls
and know what they are doing
they "execute" politicians guilty of corruption
and they are right
Europe should start doing so as well
the rating agencies are part of the fraud
they do what their masters christo bankers tell them to
christo mafia at the highest world level
al capone compared with wall street bankers "families" was an hobbyist
wall street has started the third world war
the war consists in bankrupting the world economy
to gain control for the wall street "families" over the whole world
is the "one world government plan" and "wall street" thugs are the "architects"
the same wall street that runs a trillion a year drug trafficking cartel
the same wall street of the bankers in a mission for god
Europe is a target to crash financially
just like has been Russia
and soon in Europe you will have wall street masters
just like in Russia
and holy christian mobsters
will run your companies
just like in the US
the christos are in a mission for god
in the process they impose mafia style labor rights
common christo criminality in management
and they defraud everybody with usury and financial fraud
until there will be only bums
and the Kristian Koalition Klan
can restore slavery


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